July 19, 2021

March 3rd marks the World Hearing Day which was initiated by the World Health Organization in 2007. The day is celebrated to bring awareness as to how one can avoid deafness and hearing impairments as well as to support hearing care across the globe. 

The theme for this year’s World Hearing Day is “To hear for life, listen with care”; what this phrase emphasizes is on the correct use of your ears to hear better for the rest of your life. It focuses on how to avoid things or habits that can result in partial/complete hearing loss. In today’s practice and age, many causes of hearing loss can be avoided including listening to entertainment on loud volume or a general exposure to constant loud sound and most importantly yearly hearing check up. This year the World Health Organization will be releasing safe Global standard for safe listening entertainment venues to set the right measures for safe listening. 




It raises awareness about hearing loss

World Hearing Day aims to create awareness about hearing loss and inspire global action concerning preventive measures. This is important in checking existing cases and reducing the emergence of new ones.


Community Involvement is encouraged

Community involvement plays a major role in keeping hearing loss cases under control. This observance is an opportunity for the deaf community to work alongside their representative organizations, health systems, and governments to solve hearing-related issues. The day sheds light on the dynamic nature of hearing impairment and how the global community can play its part.


In this blog, let us discuss six facts about hearing loss that will amaze you-

  1. The most common problem with hearing loss or ear related infections can become chronic though easily treated because it is often left unnoticed / untreated.
  2. What is often overlooked and can be easily avoided as the cause of hearing loss is noise
  3. Timely check-ups and interventions can reduce the chance of a hearing impairment with at least 60%
  4. According to the reports by World Health Organization 2021, one in five people suffer from hearing loss
  5. The majority of people with hearing impairment do not have access to treatments, according to the same 2021 report.
  6. WHO recommends Early Newborn Hearing Screening Programs to identify hearing loss in neonates and infants across countries. 


This day will make us more aware of such facts and help us as a community to prevent hearing loss while not making it a taboo. There are a lot of countries like India where hearing loss and the idea of using a hearing aid is considered a huge taboo and is not talked about or revealed about enough. Here are some things that you as an individual can do this World Hearing Day-

  1. Volunteer or make a donation

Send donations to organizations that cater to the deaf. You can also make inquiries for volunteer opportunities with these organizations.

  1. Spread the word

There is nothing like talking, discussing and communicating cannot do, spreading the word always helps! Raise awareness on ear care and issues that affect hearing loss on the day. Share relevant materials with friends on social media.

  1. Take an ear test

Many people have undiagnosed hearing problems. This fact is proven by surveys and organizations from different profound organizations. Early detection is key to fighting it. Why not take an ear test? Remember to invite a friend to take the test too!


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