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Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Centre provides wide range of styles and unique hearing solutions for your hearing loss, from a smallest invisible hearing aid to the Super powerful hearing aid for Severe hearing loss.

Rechargeable hearing aid

Available in Basic, essential and premium segment hearing aid, these are perfect for people with an active lifestyle. Hearing aid comes with a charging unit and the charge in the hearing device lasts throughout the day – available in Premium Brands only at HAC.

CROS hearing aid – for One side hearing loss [single side deafness]

This is an exclusive hearing aid for people who have single sided hearing loss that could possibly provide some help, known as Contralateral Routing of Signal Hearing Aid. The wearer has relatively normal hearing in one ear and has Profound hearing loss in the other ear. The CROS is worn on both the ears. The sounds from the poorer ear side are picked up by the CROS hearing aid and routed to the device worn in the normal ear. The user hears sounds in the good ear normally without amplification and the signals from the deaf ear is heard which helps to identify someone speaking or a car approaching whilst crossing the road.

Analog hearing aid – a basic level hearing aid.

Digital hearing aid – Our highly qualified, experienced Professional Audiologists will select hearing aid technology which suits the lifestyle and needs for the unique hearing loss of the individuals. The digital hearing aid is customised programmable device which can be provided for mild hearing loss to severe to profound hearing loss specifically chosen & selected from broad spectrum of choice of World Class Premium Hearing Aid Brands.

Bluetooth hearing aid

Available in Premium Brands of hearing devices for both iPhone and Android. Connects to Smartphones, TV and any devices compatible with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology has the ability to improve Signal-to-noise ratio and eliminate feedback from microphone of the hearing aid because the signal bypasses the microphone and it enters the processor for amplification.