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HAC professionals are trained experts, specialising in live speech and Real Ear Measurements as per international standards. With experience in numerous successful implantations, these professionals are the perfect choice for all your hearing aid related needs.

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The Expert Audiologists in our team conduct a thorough hearing test to measure the sounds, a person can hear at different pitches. Based on these tests, they assess and recommend after analysing a persons need and comfort, the perfect hearing aid.

Our team of professionals are friendly, empathising with the patient and their needs before making any recommendations. When HAC experts evaluate your hearing and communication by using State-of-the-Art equipments to comprehend your hearing loss, they ensure that the patient will be imperatively fitted with the right hearing aid.

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  • The professionals will provide hearing aids that are unobtrusive and comfortable for usage.
  • The hearing aids come with superfluous and innovative features such as:
    • Filter noise
    • Can be directly connected to phones/ public supporting manoeuvres
    • Adapt to different backgrounds by subduing feedback
  • A person with severe hearing loss can go for BTE hearing aids or earmold with authoritative amplification. Tailored to ear dimension.
  • The specialists go to great lengths to check the programming and compliance of the hearing aids. The proper amount of amplification is set with many restrictions taken into consideration.
Hearing Aids Trials & Fittings

The Necessity of Reprogramming a Hearing Aid

The continuous use of a hearing aid without utmost care, might lead to several disadvantages. According to National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, proper maintenance and care will extend the life of a hearing aid.

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Follow-Ups After Hearing Aid Fitting – A Crucial Part

Hearing aids are beneficial instruments that instantly gives a person the gift of hearing. It is the technology of the future and the future is here. Although hearing aids are instantaneous, they require routine care and maintenance. Once you are fitted with the best suitable hearing aid, the healthcare professional would be scheduling a timetable for your follow-ups. This routine follow-up is as important as the ability to hear. It is a great way to clarify doubts, take care of adjustments and have the hearing aid maintained to its maximum functioning.

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