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Amongst our five senses, hearing or listening sense gets us connected to others, as humans are social beings. The hearing sense gives us the perception of sound. Hearing difficulties affect the day-to-day activities of the person, sometimes leading to their isolation.

A hearing aid can be customised, specifically for the patient by conducting an audiometry test. HAC professionals can accurately measure the way you hear different sounds as well as pitches and the intensity in which you hear them.

Styles Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are available in many different sizes and styles thanks to advancements in digital technology and miniaturization of the internal components. Many of today’s hearing aids are considered sleek, compact, and innovative – offering solutions to a wide range of hearing aid wearers.

ITE – these are nearly invisible hearing aids which can be fitted into the persons skin. These Hearing Aids have a customised fit. You can choose from the smallest to biggest one found in the range.

Invisible In Canal (IIC)

These are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. ITE range of IIC Hearing Aids fit into the second bend of the ear.

Completely In Canal (CIC)

These are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. ITE range of CIC Hearing Aids fit into the ear canal.

In The Canal (ITC)

These hearing aids have a Longer battery life and directional microphones. ITE range of ITC Hearing Aids fit into the lower portion of the outer ear bowl.

Full Shell In The Ear (ITE)

Full shell models sit flush within the entire ear bowl. Their size allows the maximum number of additional controls and features such as directional microphones, which require space on the outer portion of the instrument.

BTE – these range of Hearing Aids are worn on the outer ear found in many color variations. It has better controls, more battery variations in and are more power enabled

Mini BTE With Slim Tube And Tip

Behind the ear with ultrathin wiring with a soft tip in the ear.

Receiver In Ear (RIC)

These are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. In these Hearing Aids, The Speaker gets placed in the ear tip and the rest similar to mini BTE.

BTE With Earmold

These are suitable for severe hearing loss. The elongated contour of the hearing aid also features a program button and a volume button.

Advanced & Stylish Hearing Aids

There are latest technological options which are available for Hearing Aids such as:

  • Invisible Miniaturized (tiny) components.
  • Sleek and low profile hearing aids.
  • Compact and dexterous hearing aids.
  • Stylish Hearing Aids

The Easiest Way To Get The Best Hearing Aids

The best hearing aids may differ from person to person, based on the kind of device. The type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle and your personal preferences in colour and hearing aid style will all influence the hearing aids you ultimately purchase.

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