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Hearing Aid Centre, HAC was established in 1980 at Chennai in a small place at Nungambakkam, by Shri N S Krishnamoorthy, fondly called as Mr.NSK. He had travelled since 1967 for 12 years till 1979, length and breadth of India having Radio Engineering as background.

Shri. NSK worked hard to reach the people of India in late 1970s extending hearing support with older days’ hearing devices to improve their hearing with all the struggles of traveling for 42 days tour to reach out the people who were in need of Hearing devices. After understanding the difficulties faced by hearing aid users for getting support in troubleshooting the hearing aid, he decided to start an exclusive Hearing Aid Fitting Centre at Chennai. There started the humble journey of Hearing Aid Centre in Tamilnadu, India.

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“I am amazed at the range of testing technology they have on offer, which is vital to E.N.T specialists like me for accurate diagnosis. I have been using a hearing aid for the last twenty years. I have never regretted that I have to wear a hearing aid, thanks to HAC. The choice of hearing aids is amazing. There′s something for everyone who has a hearing loss.”


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“Their understanding of a child′s special needs and the specialised facility they have for paediatric testing is unique.”

Ram Kiruba

Father of hearing impaired
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We offer the best products in the market that rightly fit within your budget range. We value the power of hearing and that is why we have tied up with the leading brands of the world.

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If you do not understand conversation in calm ambience / noisy situations or hear someone talking at low tone voice or do not hear high pitch sounds, if you increase volume while watching television you will be having hearing loss.
You need to visit a Hearing Clinic and consult with an Audiologist.
You need to visit an ENT Specialist and undergo treatment.
Hearing loss has got huge impact in psycho-social approach of a person. The person with hearing loss will isolate themselves from close family people, friends and social gathering. Performance in work place will get disturbed due to increased anxiety and lack of concentration.
You need to check whether your hearing loss is affecting your day to day Communication aspects, when it’s affecting your group conversations etc.
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