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55+ Years of Experience
in Hearing Aid Dispensing

Hearing Aid Centre, HAC was established in 1980 at Chennai in a small place at Nungambakkam, by Shri N S Krishnamoorthy, fondly called as Mr.NSK. He had travelled since 1967 for 12 years till 1979, length and breadth of India having Radio Engineering as background.

Shri. NSK worked hard to reach the people of India in late 1970s extending hearing support with older days’ hearing devices to improve their hearing with all the struggles of traveling for 42 days tour to reach out the people who were in need of Hearing devices. After understanding the difficulties faced by hearing aid users for getting support in troubleshooting the hearing aid, he decided to start an exclusive Hearing Aid Fitting Centre at Chennai. There started the humble journey of Hearing Aid Centre in Tamilnadu, India.


To bring together our 54 years of professional expertise and the latest technological advancements in the field of hearing health care, hearing diagnostics and in hearing aid/ devices to provide the best hearing solutions for all types of hearing problems of our distinguished clients of Hearing Aid Centre - HAC.


Our Mission is to ensure personalised and state of the art hearing healthcare at par with the international standards provided by highly Qualified and trained Professionals across all our centres. We focus on incorporating scientific solutions to the needs of every individuals based on the life style and expectations.


As a team, we value honesty, sincerity, integrity with compassion and truthfulness in our profession which has been strongly imbibed by The Founder Shri N S Krishnamoorthy. Human Values include morals, commitment and peaceful life which we promise to our community with the highest professional ethics.

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Our Location

HAC headquartered in TamilNadu, is spread across 19 centres in India. These centres are located in prime and easy to commute locations. Click to know more about our centres in the respective locations.