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  • Behind The Ear [ BTE ] model is the most feature rich hearing aid which is more durable and provide maximum benefit to the user.
  • The ergonomic design provides easy and convenient use of hearing aids control settings like volume, program changing etc
  • Because of the bigger housing case of the device, more technological aspects can be incorporated in the compartment.
  • BTE have the maximum battery span compared to other models because of its larger battery module.
  • BTE are equipped with twin / directional microphone which provide best quality output of speech sounds in noisy environment
  • Wireless connectivity helps in hassle free tuning of the device and blue tooth feature helps in direct connectivity with the Smartphone which can be used for hands free call and direct streaming.
  • With the advancement in technology, BTE hearing aids can be also tuned with a click of a smart phone using the respective apps.
  • Most of the BTEmodels are having rechargeable facility which makes them a cost effective option when compared to batteryoperatedmodel
  • BTEdevices are having high gainreceiver which can which provide maximum power output for hearing loss even above 90 dBHL
  • Coupling the device either with hard or soft mould gives maximum benefit and comfortness to the user.