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Completely in the Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids

Its tiny and tailor made !!! (12-20mm))

A custom made smallesthearing aid which is sculptured to be seated inside ear canal .

Mostly invisible apart from the tiny pull-off string thus giving you the maximum comfort ,confidence and more natural like sound. Device can be boosted with style, fit and color schemes which gives you maximum personalized feeling.

State of the art technology gives an upper hand in controlling the device through the click of a smartphone.

Unique features to consider:

  • Smallest and the least visible type which comes with variety of skin tones to provides maximum cosmetic appeal, provided if hearing loss is identified early!!
  • Minimum wind noisethus making an ideal choice while travelling
  • Less likely to cause feedback/squealing noise during a telephonic conversation
  • Light weight and single piece design which is easy to insert and remove, thus making an ideal partner for active life style.
  • Remote control option provides maximum customizable hearing experience for the user
  • Wireless connectivity allows the individual to connect the device to a Smartphone for hands- free call and streaming option.
  • Can feed with different programmed options which can be altered based on the listening environments in day-to-day life.
  • Equipped with sound therapy programs for individuals with tinnitus.
  • Won’t get pulled- off when wearing/removing a face mask or spectacles