Are Headphones Resulting in Hearing Loss?

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Are Headphones Resulting in Hearing Loss?

July 19, 2021

Headphones – devil in disguise

Headphones are a revolutionary piece of technology that has inserted into our lives. Yes, it is a useful device that has multiple benefits but it is really safe for the human ear? We are in the era of wireless headphones that are sleek and handy.

The device is becoming more and more user-friendly as the years pass but are the right measures taken to protect the damage caused? The World Health Organisation, in 2015, issued a statement saying, 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at the risk of hearing loss due to the loud noises from their mobile devices and headphones.

Danger radar- high

Headphones might be the best thing in your life but they are causing hearing deterioration that can lead to permanent hearing loss. Remember, in our childhood, we were taught to stay out of loud noises? Now, all of those loud noises have taken your permission to reach your ears in the form of music or movie scenes. This might result in what the audiologists have termed “noise-induced hearing loss.” Over time the sounds from your headphones cause the hair cells in your inner ear to lose it sensitivity to vibrations received from your eardrum. If you keep listening to high volumes of sound in your headphones, the damage can be permanent.

Avoid insane levels of noise

Advising to avoid headphones completely is not a plausible solution to today’s lifestyle. The alternative to keeping your hearing intact would be to use noise-cancelling headphones that act as a noise source and a barrier. If you are looking to drown out the surrounding noises and let you enjoy your music or movies. Reputed audiologists advice teenagers and young people to keep the volume of their headsets to the bare minimum level. Follow the 60-60 rule, 60% volume for an hour and you should be done for the day.

Smartphone apps to the aid

There are several smartphone apps available that allow you to monitor safe listening levels. Apps such as Sound Meter Pro, NOISH and more are available online.