Follow-ups after Hearing Aid fitting – a crucial part

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Follow-ups after Hearing Aid fitting – a crucial part

July 19, 2021

Hearing aids are beneficial instruments that instantly gives a person the gift of hearing.

It is the technology of the future and the future is here. Although hearing aids are instantaneous, they require routine care and maintenance.

Once you are fitted with the best suitable hearing aid, the healthcare professional would be scheduling a timetable for your follow-ups. This routine follow-up is as important as the ability to hear. It is a great way to clarify doubts, take care of adjustments and have the hearing aid maintained to its maximum functioning.

A vital Partner – Your healthcare professional

Following up on all your difficulties and solving them is a gratitude to the gift that you received. Your healthcare professional is someone who would have to be your backbone until your hearing reaches full capacity. So, put the necessary efforts to build a rapport between you and your healthcare professional. Take interest to read through all the material aid that has been provided to you, answer the questions that have been asked to you correctly, do not skip an appointment and if any technical adjustments arise, your healthcare professional will get right on it.

What can you expect during the follow-ups?

  • A series of questions regarding your experience with the hearing aid. The overall impression, the level of comfort wearing it would be a few questions, and any concerns would be addressed.
  • Evaluation of the benefits that you are receiving from the hearing aids.
  • Communication training would be a part of your follow-ups. Listening is an intense exercise that comprises of focus and attention. Though you might be hearing, it would take training to gain your listening skills back.
  • Cleaning of hearing aids and solving technical glitches.