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HAC- Not Just Your Regular Hearing Aid Centre!

July 19, 2021

We don’t just talk numbers, we talk about journeys and adventures too; we too are people who flourish on praise, learn from mistakes and continue to move on, just like we have been traveling since 1967 for hearing aid fitting across India. In 1980,  HAC, an exclusive Hearing Aid Fitting Centre was established and for the past 41 years of existence have made us nothing but better at serving you, providing solutions to all your hearing health care needs. In today’s blog, we will take you with us on a journey of 50 years and give you a glimpse of how we stand today proud and growing each step, every day proving to hold the number one position among the largest number of hearing aids fitted by any organization in India.


What began in the 1980s as an exciting journey which our founder started has taken the shape of a successful clinic and diagnostic centre today with more than 18 branches PAN India, a dedicated team of audiologists and staff members working with us to make our founder’s vision a reality. We are proud pioneers of bringing the term ‘hearing aids’ to India with being the first center to publish an advertisement in newspapers about hearing aids. We sure have come a long way since then and today we are recognized as a Professional Hearing Health Care Organization in the hearing aid centres care industry in India 


Where have we reached today?

Well, to begin with, we are the only organization or the only centre that offers you all solutions to every hearing problem of yours under one roof. Our audiologists are trained with us for a minimum of six months to make them understand the needs of each person having a unique lifestyle, the problem that a client must be facing, and the solution for the same. We don’t believe in one size fits all philosophy but are ardent fans of exploring and personalizing, or understanding your needs and customizing a plan just for you based on the same. 


What makes us stand apart?

  • We don’t just believe in providing you with a pair of hearing aids to solve your problem but rather we aim at getting to know the problem and its very origin, testing across the range of frequencies of your hearing loss to understand where your problem lies. 
  • Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and a wide range of testing tools and audiometry tests identify the reason for your hearing problem and help our audiologists to provide the best hearing solutions accordingly. 
  • We, at Hearing Aid Centre, believe that hearing is not just a human function but is an emotional tool, a psychological way to live a better life all the while understanding what your near and dear ones are trying to communicate and getting your communication across with the best quality of life. 
  • We help you with improved communication with family members with a much better hearing without the effects of aging.
  • Right from audiometry tests [ hearing assessment ] to diagnostic set-ups for your loved ones or newborn screening tests for your little ones, we have it all. 
  • We have all the necessary equipment and a world-class soundproof room specially constructed to conduct hearing tests that are required by any ENT hospital / department. 
  • Our team of professionals that includes both our audiologists and technical persons is trained to not just be efficient but be excellent at their jobs and the assurance is delivered right to you with the standards set by the management of HAC to give the delightful experience to the hearing aid users to adapt to different listening environments. 
  • Hearing aids are the same everywhere, but the professional expertise and the knowledge of Audiology, which is the science of hearing should be applied to the software to make the hearing aid user get a comfortable near-normal hearing which has to be done in a more systematic and professional scientific approach, done at the best in Hearing Aid Centre. Visit HAC, try our digital programmable hearing aid, and compare your hearing experience. 


Why choose us?

If you have read this blog so far and are still wondering if choosing us is the right decision for you and your hearing health, let us remind you of the vision we follow at HAC. We believe that health empowers you and hearing health falls in the top priority. Our professional team is trained to assist you not just according to national standards but also in meeting any or every global standard. We are thorough in our research, strong in our very foundation, and successful in being the pioneer not just in the past but also in the present with a success rate of 97% and a huge database of 15 lakh plus happy customers. 

At HAC, you will experience our loyalty is towards our esteemed clients and not to any single hearing aid brand.  That’s why we strongly believe and provide you with the choice of the World’s best technology in Different Hearing Aid Brands for you to hear, listen and compare.

Do walk-in at any of our HAC branches and experience the difference of better, enhanced hearing. Call us now to book an appointment at your nearest HAC Centre or just ping us at our WhatsApp number. 

Hearing Aid Centre has been trusted for y(ears) and we aim to continue to win your trust each day, every moment.


With one hearing aid brand, you have no choice !! Choose The Best from HAC !!


Happy Hearing! Happy Reading!